Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Fat Check Came Today

I wish they sent me a check that big, below is the real thing.

I pretty much went straight to the bank as soon as FedEx dropped this off. Again a huge 'thank you' to everyone for their votes.

Just another update: My short film was received by the LG people in Canada and I'm assuming that they'll post my video up on their youtube channel in the near future, but I will repost the video here, so check back.

Right now there are only 37 videos uploaded and only a handful of them are in the 'sports' category, which is who I would be exclusively competing against in this competition. This means my odds are pretty decent so far, but I'm sure there was plenty of last minute submissions like mine. (Grand prize for this contest is $100,000 canadian dollars and there is no public voting.)

A month and a half after Stella was supposed to announce a winner for their contest and still no word. I just know I did not win (they sent me an email a few weeks ago telling me, but I still want to know who did win.)

I am wracking my brain this weekend for an idea for a Doritos Super Bowl commercial - if anyone has any great ideas but can't produce it yourself, send me a shout. It is due on 11/9 so only 3 weeks away . . . (this one has millions of dollars at stake too)


airsports tv said...

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Lucas said...

Thanks airsports. I talked to Zoe Adjonyoh about a year ago when you guys were starting up. Very cool website, feel free to link to this blog - Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I like the Fat Check and good call on the fading out of the address on the GIANT check. HAHA. Good old Chatt town.

I like the new 3D work and I know that will enhance some neat stuff for future video making. Alongwitht the new Action shot software. The explosions look pretty sick in that tutorial.

Also hope the Super Bowl commercial is coming along nicely and keep up the great work.