Saturday, October 10, 2009

Documentary Update

Above is a photo from yesterday created using Photomatix to combine three separate images together.

I just finished waiting an hour for a 16-second clip to render after I slowed it down and added some color. More and more this entire process seems to be like pointillism painting in that I can't see the big picture of what I'm doing most times since my computer is so slow and just to render 16 seconds takes an hour, and then oops, I needed to tweak that 16 second clip again since I couldn't play it full speed I didn't see changes that needed to be made, then there's another hour.

I should be finishing up in the next day or two.

I'm having a hard time deciding on a new computer. HP is a great buy, not expensive and good components, but Dell has better motherboard options and liquid cooling and is more expensive. Then Mac is the most expensive and I could finally get to use Final Cut Pro, but it doesn't have the option for a bluray burner or use the newest i7 processor, and did I mention it's the most expensive? Any advice? Make comments to this post and please help me decide.


FlyinBarker said...

Lucas...what is your budget for a computer. I have a Dell M6400 that I use for 3D CAD work but it does video really well too. Do you want a laptop or desktop? Also what programs and version are you running?

email me back at mattbarker (at)

You'll get an email back from my spamblocker...just click on the link...its legit.


Rodger said...

I've honestly bought thousands of computers in my career, and 99% of them have been Dell. If I had started buying Dell stock rather than computers, I would have retired long ago.