Monday, February 2, 2009


I'm going to get a very short (probably :45 sec) video together of the few shots I got while skiing and post them to the blog in the next day or so. Been sick and slackin on things - it has been flyable and missed out on the good weather the last few days.

Already planning on attending the Flytec Rally meet and hope to get a bunch of good vid from that. It's going to be a moving comp that will start at Florida Ridge and end at LMFP - I'm going to be able to fly my wing home from Florida (I hope)!

Eric did some loops on his birthday saturday and has an awesome video of them I will post here when he's done with it.

Chili cook-off and saturday night's party pics are here.
Scott Schneider told me about this video - from a guy he knows out west who soars with a kite-boarding kite (no audio though, been removed because of copyright stuff):

These guys are good too:

Blay from Spain:

Dustin Martin landing:


Anonymous said...

That Dustin Martin is on fire these days!!!!! WOW!!! :)

I noticed on his blog, he is having a really cool raffel!

Anonymous said...

I heard Dustin likes men. Any chance I can get a date? Mmm... tasty.