Monday, January 26, 2009

Obama Video - "Nonbelievers"

I didn't make this video below, you can go here to see who did. I do think this point is interesting. I appreciate Obama's willingness to recognize nonbelievers compared to an interview with George H.W. Bush below the video. (In 2001 the American Religious Identification Survery found that 14.1% in the US describe themselves as 'No religion,' up from 8.2% in 1990 - link)

Interview with, then Vice-Prez., George H.W. Bush in 1987 while he was campaigning for President (one link to this here)
Sherman: What will you do to win the votes of the Americans who are atheists?

Bush: I guess I'm pretty weak in the atheist community. Faith in God is important to me.

Sherman: Surely you recognize the equal citizenship and patriotism of Americans who are atheists?

Bush: No, I don't know that atheists should be considered as citizens, nor should they be considered patriots. This is one nation under God.

Sherman (somewhat taken aback): Do you support as a sound constitutional principle the separation of state and church?

Bush: Yes, I support the separation of church and state. I'm just not very high on atheists.


Anonymous said...

Thank God for Obama!!! :)

He's the best chance we have, for improving our world relations. He actually believes in, "talking." Imagine that!!!!! :)

Lucas said...

I do have hope for him but I'm saving my thank 'goodnesses' for when I see results.

Here's another video that tries to perpetuate this unconstitutional idea that there shouldn't be separation of church and state by poking fun at atheism. Pretty weak:

Anonymous said...

I'm interested that you took such an interest in this specifically. What spoke to you about the atheism aspect?