Thursday, November 12, 2009

Upcoming New Site | HP Laptop Review

Very quickly: you may have noticed that you were redirected to (edit: I changed it back for now). I am working on making the switch to Wordpress and that website address. It might be a little while before I do this, but wanted to give you a heads up.

I'm looking forward to having multiple pages, like 'Blog,' 'Photos,' 'Videos,' etc. so that it will be a little more organized and easy to see the content. Also, it will be a good showcase and contact point for my business, which I am tentatively calling Lucas Ridley Studios.

In addition, I'm going to be reposting all my videos to a new Vimeo account because of the functionality and quality that they provide.

My new laptop (read below for a quick review!)

Both photos are of one of my dogs, Dudley, both taken with the Canon 7D and 15mm-85mm lens

So part of my HP winnings was an Artist Edition laptop, a Pavilion dv6 to be specific. And here are my impressions of it.

I thought all laptops were created equal, but this thing has a lot of little surprises on it!
For example:
  • HDMI output
  • built-in webcam
  • eSATA connection (for external hard drives)
  • button to turn off the touch pad mouse
  • altec lansing speakers
  • desktop theme that matches exterior artwork on case
  • wireless remote control that has a storage compartment on the side of the laptop
  • a full keyboard, with numlock pad to the right
  • very smooth material used on the mouse touch pad and keys
  • glossy screen
  • smart battery design - lifts the rear of the computer up to help keep it cool and provide air circulation for the fans
It has a Duo Core 2.3 GHz processor and 4GB of RAM. I'm really happy with it and was able to get the free upgrade to Windows 7 for it, that is in the mail and coming soon. Once I recieve that I will be uploading all my software to it and putting it to the test with the Adobe Creative Suite and Cinema 4D.

Right now my current projects include working on 3 new video contests, migrating to a new blogging software and personal domain name, time-lapse videos with the Canon 7D, still photography, and a ton of tutorials I have piled up in my bookmarks that I need to get through.

Tomorrow morning I hope to be flying! Follow me on twitter or see the widget for my tweets in the right side bar in this blog for little updates, like a picture of launch tomorrow before I go fly and stuff like that.


Anonymous said...

dudley looks so smart and regal in that close up shot. who did his makeup? if you fly this morn. you should land at the training hills. (it would make you look cool to the people who don't know you)