Thursday, November 5, 2009

Super Bowl Here I Come!

It's official - I'm in the Doritos Crash the Super Bowl contest!

Fresh off a submission into the LG Film Fest (see yesterday's post) I knew I couldn't pass up this year's Doritos contest, especially after the Herbert Brothers won a million dollars last year.

So here's the setup - there is no public voting unless/until the judges pick me as one of the 6 finalists in January. If I make it to the top 6 I'm going to need all the votes I can get so stay tuned here (subscribe using the gadget in the sidebar to the right) to see if I'm a finalist. The voting then chooses the top 3 of those 6 to be played during the Super Bowl and the chance at some huge money if it's rated on USA Today's Ad Meter to be in the top 3 of all the Super Bowl Commercials.

I hope you enjoy it, leave comments here, or even better, over at the contest website at this address:

Any views watching it through the player below won't register in their view counter on the contest website, so head over there to rack up my numbers, make comments, and make me look good to the judges!

Thanks to David, Scott, Eric, Kurt, Sarah, Pablo, Yuki, Diana, and Angela for helping me make this idea come to life.


Wayne Whiteman said...

Very Cool! I like it! Plus it will great to see you, Angela, Yuki, Pablo, and Kurt as movie stars :-)

David said...

People should get the embed code and post everywhere, much easier than going through the Doritos maze to get to watch it.

Lucas said...

Hey David, this link will take you straight to the video:

FlyinBarker said...

Love it...I'm still laughing. I do the same with ice cream bowls. Used to drive my mom Nuts!! Goo Luck Lucas!

Anonymous said...

it turned out really great Lucas! I know I'll see you (and the Steelers) at the Super Bowl!


bravedaveeagle#13 said...

I just read the info, haven't viewed the doritos submit yet, I'm sure it is awesome Coreographics,

however, perhaps footage of your 1st ever multiple attempts aerolaunching w/ no cart, one hoppity hip hop hoppity DUSTCLOUD groundspinning slide hangripley BELEAVE the GROUND or not HANGcarnival show at>
almost Aero Towing
behind Russell Duncans Trike IN Invermere BC Canada August 1986, near Panorama Resort , might have not hurt your doritos vid submit....The Judges would approve!

would like to fly with you again, how about a E mailer this way when you get this message, for contact around the corner....

look forward to seeing what you have created and u can count on more votes forwarding your doritos championship vid around.....

see ya
u rock man/
way to go doritos!


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