Sunday, November 1, 2009


The Doritos commercial is almost finished, but wanted to give a quick photographic overview of what I've done with the Canon 7D so far (besides shoot the Doritos commercial with it).

It's a great camera and really worked well for my purposes of filming the Doritos commercial. Stay tuned for that, I'm pretty happy with how it is turning out. And keep watching here to see when my short film 'A Leg to Fly On' is post on the LG contest - and you'll be able to watch that from here too.


Tyler said...

What do you use to trip the shutter release with the camera on your glider?

Lucas said...

Tyler: For the glider-mounted photos so far I used a little pebble taped down to the shutter button while the camera was set on it's slower continuous shooting mode of about 1 per second (vs the high is 8 per second).

But yesterday I used the intervalometer remote I just bought and set it to take pictures every 4 seconds. I'll post some of those soon - Thanks for watching