Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Voting Begins!

Well, it's midnight and it's up! A 10 minute (that was the max. allowable length) short documentary I created on a friend of mine, Eric, and on competition hang gliding.

This contest is for $50,000, so I tried to go all out on this one. Unfortunately, voting is not so easy.

To vote for mine, it seems right now, you have to register with the website and then click the "Request Rating Assignment" button, and hope the one they assign you to rate is my video. But I think they'll let you rate three or so, so if you have time, watch what they assign you and see if you can try again. (click this text to register and be assigned one to rate)

To just watch it, go HERE (but I really need your votes too!)

There are 47 days of voting to select the top 10, then a panel of judges/actors (like Kevin Spacey) will pick the ultimate winner of the cash prize.

Thanks for your help and taking the time to register with their site and hopefully be assigned my video to rate!

I hope you enjoy the film, I will post updates if I figure more out about how the voting works. More to come...