Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday Pic

Thanks to Joel Davison (two s's?) for taking this picture of me on Tuesday.

I uploaded my short film "A Soaring Life" to the Stella Artois contest website yesterday. IT's DONE! But they haven't, and looks like there's no plan to send me a confirmation email that it uploaded, and there is no way to watch or even check to see that it uploaded correctly on their website. For a $50,000 contest I'm surprised about that. I sent them an email to ask, but will probably not hear back. I hope it uploaded! We'll find out on the 16th I guess.

This guy lands in trees at 3:20, not sure where the LZ was anyways.

Clear Ridge 5 24 09 from Peter Rosen on Vimeo.

A moment's hesitation cost me a(nother!) tree landing! It was soarable, but I missed the chance to fly above launch, and the headwind kept me from reaching the LZ.