Friday, November 7, 2008

Wingover practice

Got home from work yesterday and got towed up twice for some wingover practice. I am not pitching before roll, but I think that's because I'm afraid I'll do what Steve was telling me happened to him. His first time doing wingovers with full vg he accidentally looped it because after the pitch he wasn't used to the stiffness of full vg so he couldn't roll after pitch and looped it!

I've never gone full on my glider and the manual says there's no reason to, and from what everyone else says is the same - 3/4 is the most you want to go, so that is what I consider full.

Once I get really comfortable with how stiff it is to roll, maybe I can start pitching first better. Eric said he looped it for the first time yesterday! I didn't get to talk to him much about it, there were tandems he had to do and I wanted to practice before the sun set.

I'm trying to get a picture up and will later when I get this technomological crap to start working.