Friday, November 21, 2008

Excedrine Finals - Two more days

So the way it looks is you can only vote for me or the other guy for this round (when you hit next video, ours are the only two available). So today and tomorrow's voting is going to determine if I make the next round, then it looks like there are 3 more head-to-head votings of the other videos, times 3 days each equals 9 days. So if I make the next round voting for me will start again on Dec. 2nd.

Yesterday was a good flying day, went to the point and got some good pictures, it had been a while since I made it down there. Was surprised to get the best climb of the day right there because I'm usually grovelling low by the time I get there. It was about 400fpm and took it to about 4,400'.


David Glover said...

I keep on hitting next video and it goes back and forth between you and guitar guy, I keep giving him the thumbs down and you the thumbs up, over and over.

David Glover said...

I posted the link on the oz report and hang gliding . org forums

Lucas said...

Thanks David, I emailed Davis to see if he could put it on the Oz report main page, which he still might, but if it's after tomorrow it won't help with this round of voting.